🇺🇸 ✨❤️ Romantic February Promos for the United States! ✨❤️

Ohhhhhh Friends…… I’m in LOVE with The February Promos! 😍


Love is in the air… quite literally, when you diffuse these amazing oils from this month’s promo! 😉💗


🌿 Before we get into the details on what’s free this month, here’s the quick scoop about YL monthly promos for our new friends here! Every month Young Living offers great freebies you can get based on what your “PV” is for the month. The PV value is based on a single order (not cumulative). Every product has a PV value, usually close to dollar amount. So $50 worth of YL products usually equals 50 pv. You’ll see this at the bottom of your cart.


Be SURE you are ordering on Essential Rewards!!! GUYS. It’s the best value with fantastic freebies and perks! This is our monthly wellness box ordering program that offers points back and additional promos. You don’t want to miss out on all the oily goodness available through ER!


You can even get thee Young Living monthly promos TWICE (if you did one Essential Rewards order, and one single quick order). You can even have your spouse sign up with you and order to get in on the freebies again too


Also, get yourself on YL Go+!!! Save major $$$$ on shipping 🙌🏻❤️


❤️ 100PV ER Bonus – 15ml Cedarwood

Anyone like to love on their brain health? Well, I hope you’re using your Cedarwood then! Cedarwood is an oil that I have in my ER order monthly, so I am SO excited to be getting it for FREE this month! 🙌🏻 Cedarwood is high in Sesquiterpenes, so this oil makes your brain happy. Known as poor man’s Frankincense, it is calming, grounding, and wonderful for sleep! #TeamNeedSleep. It supports the body’s production of melatonin, so people use this to sleep like a log! 😴 One of my fave diffuser combos is Lavender and Cedarwood. BOOM. 👊🏻

Cedarwood is also amazing to add to your shampoo or conditioner to maintain a healthy-looking scalp and hair! 💆🏻‍♀️

🌿Cedarwood Uses:

➕ Add a few drops to your YL shampoo for a healthy looking scalp and hair

➕ Diffuse before bed for a good night’s sleep

➕ Apply a few drops to the feet during the day to feel calm and grounded


❤️ 190PV ER Bonus – 15ml Patchouli

Ok, if you don’t have Patchouli your skin is missing out and you’re in for a treat this month!! Ahhhh!!! A 15 ml of this gorgeous oil that is fabulous for SO many things! 😍 It’s fabulous for your skin!! ✨ This oil is also awesome for sleep. 😴😴😴 Try this: diffuse Patchouli with some Orange and Frankincense!

Now, let’s talk about E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S because like hormones, we all got them. 😳 Have feelings of jealousy? Obsessions? Insecurities? You might need some Patchouli, my friend. It allows for these feelings to dissipate while it promotes clarity in the mind. 🧘🏻‍♀️

🌿 Patchouli Uses:

➕ Diffuse Patchouli during times of relaxation and rest

➕ Add a few drops to your favorite YL skincare products to enhance your skincare routine

➕ Combine a few drops with your favorite YL shampoo and conditioner for healthier-looking hair

➕ Inhale for a calming and relaxing experience


❤️ 190PV – 15ml Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang means Flower of Flowers. 🌸 It’s the oil of LOVE! 🌸 It balances male & female energies, combats anger & low self-esteem, can be used to battle stress, increase focus, and filter out negative energy. #AllTheThings! Also a great oil to promote thick and shiny hair, and listen up: your heart loves this oil. Let’s just say that Valentine’s day is not going to be complete without this aroma.

Diffuse Ylang Ylang with Orange and Lavender and a couple drops of that Geranium for Valentine’s Day! ❤️

🌿Ylang Ylang Uses:

➕ Add a few drops to your favorite YL shampoo

➕ Add a few drops to an Epsom salt bath or foot soak for a spa-like experience

➕ Apply on wrists for a floral aroma that smells like an AMAZING perfume


❤️ 250PV – 15ml Geranium

This floral oil is a must-have for your skincare routine and your detox routine!! 🌸🛁 Add into your moisturizer for radiant skin and you know what else it helps with – removing chlorine from the body. Yup! And where are my dry brushers at? Let me tell you the secret sauce to dry brushing, it is using Geranium on your skin before you brush!! Aromatically this oil helps release negative emotions (you see this single oil in many of our feeling kit blends), it is mood-boosting, and fosters peace and hope! ✨

Add a drop or two to your morning and nightly moisturizer for a glowing look that mirrors the feelings you have inside. ✨

And as if that wasn’t enough of a reason to fall in love with geranium… It’s also AMAZING for hormones!! I use it MONTHLY! #YAS If you haven’t tried Geranium, now is the chance to do it for FREE!

🌿 Geranium Uses:

➕ Diffuse it to help uplift and inspire feelings of happiness

➕ Apply around the ankles for happy hormones

➕ Add a few drops to a roller bottle for an AMAZING perfume


❤️ 300PV – 10ml RutaVaLa Roll-On

This is one of my absolute favorite roll-ons that Young Living has!!! It. WORKS.

What’s the big deal with RutaVala? Can anyone say SLEEP?! 😴

This calming blend will have you OUT faster than you can say “Good Night, Honey.” Take my word for it! I also use this on the kids EVERY single night!

A combination of Ruta (Rue), Valerian, and Lavender, RutaVaLa is our family’s ultimate bedtime blend and travel companion!

It’s also an amazing emotional support blend! I love rubbing this over my heart when there’s any drama going on in my life. It’s so relaxing and grounding. You can also apply to the wrists after a stressful day at work, the back of the neck and/or bottoms of feet as part of your evening wind-down, or use as part of a relaxing neck massage.

If you have been looking for a must-have blend to add to your, “aaaahhhhh” collection, THIS IS IT!!

🌿 Uses for RutaVaLa:

➕Swipe on the feet before bedtime for a restful night’s sleep

➕Rub on wrists or neck for a calming and grounding aroma

➕Swipe on neck and back for a relaxing massage


❤️ 400PV – Seed to Seal Story Collection

I have one of these, and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! 😍 Complete with versatile YL favorites – Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils – this special edition gift collection is beautifully packaged to help you introduce a friend to three all-star oils and the Young Living Seed to Seal story! 💗 It’s the PERFECT birthday or “just because” or “spa experience” in a box! This box plus some Epsom salts and a foot loofa and you’ve got yourself a little self-care essential oil infused experience for yourself or to gift and you get it for FREE! 🙌🏻 #WinWin

🌿 Uses for Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint

➕Treat yourself to this well-loved aroma by adding a few drops of Lavender to lotions, shampoos, and skincare products. #SwissArmyKnife

➕ Keep a bottle of Tea Tree essential oil in your house to make homemade household cleaners, air fresheners, and linen spritzers

➕Put a few drops of Peppermint on your neck before a workout for a cooling sensation


Remember, you can get ALL of these amazing freebies TWICE with an ER & One-Time Order! 👊🏻

🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Canada Promos! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

🇨🇦💞✨ CANADIAN February Promo! 🇨🇦💞✨

😍 I LOVE all of these freebies for Canada this month! 🇨🇦

Common Sense…um, pretty sure everyone these days needs that! Ha! Awaken and Tangerine are perfect for this time of year. Tranquil is incredible for sleep and Sacred Frankincense just is pure magic. Oh, and the special $10 Product Credit for 100PV+ ER orders placed from February 1-3 is AMAZING!!!

Young Living is also excited to share a soft-launch of the brand new 🇨🇦 2020 Product Guide on February 1st! Members placing a 100PV+ order in February will receive a free printed copy (English only)! The refreshed digital English 2020 Product Guide will also be available beginning February 1st online, and French 2020 Product Guide is anticipated to follow in early spring. 🌿


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