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There are two ways to place an order with your new Wholesale Discount:

31_20e3.png a one-time Shop order (you can place these any time!)

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Here are just a few of our favorite products to try: Thieves Household Cleaner (the only cleaner you’ll need for your whole house, one bottle of concentrate makes 29 spray bottles of cleaner so it’s very economical, too!)  NingXia Red (an incredible antioxidant beverage, 2 ounces a day will do amazing things to help you stay above the wellness line!),  Cedarwood (incredible for sleep), Super B supplement (so good for energy) and Thieves Lozenges (hellooo winter wellness).

We also love Peace & Calming, Valor, and Orange essential oils, Lavender lotion, Orange Blossom facial cleanser, or grapefruit lip balm….the list goes on, you really can’t go wrong with Young Living!

Did you know Young Living also offers monthly promos where you can get free oils and products, just for ordering what you needed anyway? See the Monthly Promos HERE.

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