My favorite everyday makeup!

A few quick notes!

#1 I am not a makeup professional

#2 I care a lot about the ingredients in my products, especially ones that go on my skin, but my makeup is very far from perfect! As you will see below, it’s a mix of some natural brands and some not. Baby steps. I’m workin on it. 🙂

The cleanest/least toxic ingredients/most natural thing in my whole makeup bag is Savvy Minerals from YL, where I get tons of my natural personal care products.

It’s completely natural, plant based, responsibly sourced, cruelty free etc. They’ve banned even more toxic ingredients than the 1,328 prohibited by the European Union. The US only bans 11 toxic ingredients (lol). Other leading “all natural” makeup companies ban about 1800 different ingredients. Savvy Minerals bans 2,500. And it’s actually GOOD makeup! Some natural ones don’t work well but I have really loved it.

To get Savvy Minerals makeup you just need a YL account, which you can get for as little as $35. Then you can pick whatever you want individually! Just click this link and grab the “basic kit” which will give you your YL account! It comes with one of my fave vanilla lime oils called Stress Away, Thieves hand sanitizer and a few other samples.

Once you have a YL membership you’ll have access to shop anything on Young Living’s website at a 24% off wholesale discount. There are NO fees, requirements or obligations…you just shop when you want to for whatever you want, or not at all!

Essential oils, my fave totally plant-based natural cleaner, laundry detergent, skincare, toothpaste, CBD, makeup, a whole baby line…they have so much. Basically like Costco but for natural wellness products (except with YL it’s free for life once you’re a member). It’s the best.

Okay…here’s all the makeup I’m using and loving lately!


Art Light Moisturizer with a drop of Frankincense (from YL)

Wolfberry Eye Cream (from YL)

Primer – I don’t always do this but if I do, I love the Savvy Minerals Hydrating Primer (from YL)


Eyelash Curler

Mascara – One and Two (I have to use waterproof or my eyelashes go straight down!)


Savvy Minerals Foundation in Warm 2, applied with Savvy Minerals Misting Spray (from YL)


This concealer in Light Sand


This one in Medium Brown


Savvy Minerals Foundation in Dark 1 as bronzer (from YL)

Savvy Minerals Crowned All Over as bronzer – gives a really pretty shimmer/healthy glow. (from YL)


This palette

or…Savvy Minerals Smashing or Savvy Minerals Charisma (from YL)


This palette – Smarty Pants

Savvy Minerals Crushin’ Eyeshadow over that (from YL)

This palette – a tiny dot of the the lightest highlight in the inner corner


This palette. Under eyes: mix of Fierce & Profesh. On upper eyelash line sometimes: mix of Smoked & Vamp.


Most days just Lavender Lip Balm from Young Living.

This one in Nudie (expensive but a tiny bit goes a long way and lasts forever, and it’s more natural than most!)

Scroll below for links to each!

Click here to get a YL account to get any Savvy Minerals Makeup 24% off!